Serenity Babies | the ultimate in doll therapy for Alzheimer's and dementia

The Ultimate in Doll Therapy

We are taking orders for Serenity Babies, dolls that promise to take doll therapy to a whole other level. These dolls are handmade, and at the risk of sounding clichéd, by craftsmen using only the finest materials. Here are some of the specifications that qualify the Serenity Babies as newborns:

This little girl runs on our imagination and not on batteries. That’s what makes us feel young again…. each that hold her will pretend she’s real but the feelings thoughts memories and emotions they experience are genuine.
~Mark W

Serenity Babies Specifications:

  • Sculpts (the head, arms, and other parts of the doll that show and look like skin) are made of heirloom quality soft German vinyl.
  • Hair is alpaca or mohair, and micro-rooted. Micro-rooting is a meticulous process whereby individual strands of hair, or a few strands at a time, are rooted into the dolls scalp. (Alpaca is so fine that it would be almost impossible to root one strand at a time.) This method ensures the most realistic results. Hair can be gently washed, brushed and styled. Without hair is an option – the price for bald babies is lower. Call for details.

    Serenity Babies | lifelike dolls for doll therapy for Alzheimer's disease

    Ivy’s feet | closeup showing the remarkable detail

  • Multiple coats of a special heat set paint result in very realistic skin tones (you can see that from the pictures) — the heat-setting makes the finish extremely durable.
  • Each doll is carefully weighted with glass beads to feel and move just like a real baby when held. The sensory feedback derived from this feature adds a dimension to doll therapy that is not possible from most other dolls.

The above is not a list of the benefits of doll therapy; this is a list of why Serenity babies provide a more realistic therapy experience. Read more about doll therapy.

Call 877/300.3021 to order your Serenity Baby today!

Following is a letter from Mark W. to Cindy, creator of the Serenity Babies. Mark had just received a doll that he was going to gift to an assisted living residence. Baby Doll therapy for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God I said the more I stared at this little angel and noticed all the details. The bare foot in one hand and a sock in the other is so cute and childlike. The residents at the assisted living home my grandmother spent the last year and a half of her life at will be so blessed to hold and admire this beautiful angel. She will have the gift to mend a moment of loneliness and spoil a feeling of sadness. To each that hold her will pretend she’s real but the feelings thoughts memories and emotions they experience are genuine. I will be honored to gift her to a wonderful home for its residents and staff. This little girl runs on our imagination and not on batteries. That’s what makes us feel young again. Thank you Cindy for the picture and the updates. Is it a possibility that all 3 dolls could be finished by May 1st? I have relatives coming from Washington May 2nd to sprinkle my grandmother’s ashes in Duluth. I would like to show off the dolls before family heads back home.

CALL TO ORDER! 877/300.3021

Serenity Babies are Not to be Believed!

But they are not inexpensive. Serenity Babies with rooted hair (alpaca or mohair) start at $2500. Bald or with painted hair are a little less expensive. On the other hand, we have never heard anyone who has one say they paid too much.

If you have any questions, please call us toll free at 877/300.3021! (U.S. and Canada) or Contact Us.

Serenity Babies | lifelike dolls for doll therapy for Alzheimer's disease

Michelle with her favorite bear

These Dolls Are Not Mass Produced

Because each Serenity Baby doll is made special, it takes about three weeks, maybe four, to get once the doll is ordered. Think of it as a short gestation period rather than a longer-than-normal wait for your order. We will start carrying a limited selection of these that will be available immediately, but you will not be able to choose features; on the other hand, they will be very cute! Also because each doll is made individually, by hand, no two dolls are the same. The dolls pictured in the store are representative; each one pictured is similar to the doll that will come to you when you select that doll to purchase. But since each doll is unique and made to order, we can’t use the normal sales process, so—

Call 877/300.3021 to order your Serenity Baby today!

The following is a partial transcript of a recent television interview, Feb 27, 2013. Trish Van Pilsum of KMSP-TV in Minneapolis, MN, talks to Cindy and Daryl Lindbloom, the makers of the Serenity Babies:

Peace comes from calm cuddling of one of the babies born at the Loving Hearts Nursery in St. Joseph, and something magical happens each time one of those babes is brought out into the world.

They are so convincing that they can fool a genuine model — and his mother. They’re so surprisingly realistic that few realize they are actually lifelike dolls.

In fact, the serenity babies are so like the real thing, it’s hard to resist the urge to talk to them.

“Hi sweetheart,” said Florence, who lives at the Johanna Shores Senior Community in Arden Hills. “Do you see me?”

While Florence knows she is not holding a real baby, that doesn’t matter.

“Let’s see if you can do a little patty cake,” she coos at the baby.

The therapists at the elderly care facility, which bought five serenity babies for the residents to share, say it only takes an instant for the babe to bring out joy.

“The instant you put it in their arms, they are cooing and awing,” Nancy said. “It reaches down in them somewhere and it pulls out that feeling of joy.”

But that joy gestates slowly. Cindy and Daryl Lindbloom build the dolls in what they call a nursery, not a studio — even though what they create is art.

“Some people call it a craft,” Daryl Lindbloom said. “I think when you take it to this level, it’s art.”

The man who is more inclined toward engines paints with precision that tickles just to watch as he creates what he calls 3-D interactive art. He starts with the skin tone. After drying in the oven, the detail will come on another day.

Little veins in the skin get blended as layers go over it, and it’s so precise that your eyes will swear the doll is a real baby until you touch it.

Even then, the weighted limbs make the dolls move in a lifelike way when they’re scooped up. The Lindblooms use fine glass beads inside nylons to create the effect, and each one is unique.

“No two of them are alike,” Daryl Lindbloom explained. “It gives each one their own little personality.”

Serenity Babies | lifelike dolls for doll therapy for Alzheimer's disease

Ivy sucking her little thumb

Little personalities are something the Lindblooms know a lot about. They had three of their own children and fostered many others. In the 80s, the couple cared for infants of teen mothers until the babes were ready to go to permanent homes.

“You cry when they leave, but you know they are going to a great place,” Cindy Lindbloom said. “Just seeing the happiness on the adoption people’s faces, that made me happy.”

It’s a bit like that with the serenity babies too.

For some at the Johanna Shores Senior Community, memories don’t come so easily any more — but something about the babies in the memory care unit that revives something special.

“There is a change and they start reminiscing about their babies, about when they were babies, when their siblings were babies,” Nancy explained.

Though Roger can’t recall whether he combed his hair in the morning, seeing the serenity baby helps him hear sounds from long ago.

“The baby songs my wife used to sing to my five kids come back to my memory,” he said. “She made it up, I’m sure.”

The therapeutic potential is clearly there.

“For women, it raises our oxytocin, and the oxytocin level is known as the ‘happy hormone’ or the ‘comforting hormone,'” Cindy Lindbloom said. One woman who had lost a baby was drawn to the dolls, along with a young man.

“The guy got tears in his eyes. He said it’s just so touching,” Cindy Lindbloom recalled. “He goes, ‘Yeah, we can’t have any more children.'”
While some see the dolls as collectibles, the Lindblooms really love to see their work delivered to the arms of those who need the feeling only holding a baby can bring.

“It’s hard to describe,” Daryl Lindbloom said. “I think it’s something inside us, just the need to nurture something.”

The Lindblooms know that feeling is a very real thing — even if the baby is not.


Serenity Babies | lifelike dolls for doll therapy for Alzheimer's disease

Michelle in Pink Hoodie

Call to Order Serenity Babies

These precious dolls are made to order so please call us (toll free in the U.S. and Canada) at 877/300.3021 to place your order. If we don’t answer, please leave a message. You can also send us a message by filling out this form. Either way, leave your contact information and we’ll get back to you.

A big part of the reason that we absolutely insist on having a conversation with you about your Serenity Baby is that you can choose the characteristics you want:

  • Sculpt – that’s the head, hands & feet
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Skin Tone/Skin Color


22 replies
  1. Connie Stanley
    Connie Stanley says:

    I live on a monthly income. My Mom wants a doll, to take care. She is back in her childhood. My Mom needs one to hug n hold,that coos,breaths,laughs. I need as cheap price ,as I can get, please.

    • John Schmid
      John Schmid says:

      Hi Connie – I am sorry, but our dolls do not move or make sounds. I am not sure where to send you for that. For a cheap price, you might try toy stores or online.

      Sorry I can’t be more helpful…

  2. p
    p says:

    We gave my mother a baby doll last Christmas and she loves it dearly. Some days she seems to know it is a doll and on other days she seems to think it is real. The baby has been a great comfort to her! I suggest a baby with no hair because the hair really gets into a mess. Mother has kissed off her baby’s eyelashes. We bought the baby several outfits and her caregivers help change the babies clothing and blankets.

  3. kathleen
    kathleen says:

    I work at a assisted living & memorie care. I’m interested in purchasing a serenity doll for my residents to enjoy. How could i order one of these lil angels from your site.

  4. Inez
    Inez says:

    Please be aware there is a person that has copied the pictures from this site and it’s contents and has made a listing on Ebay. This person has taken word for word everything on this page and made it her own. Appears she reads and knows she’s been outed because she just took the listing down.

    Her site is All the dolls on her site belong to other artists who have asked her to remove them. I’d hate to see someone get scammed, especially with Christmas right around the corner. Claims to have 10years reborning dolls or therapy dolls yet has not shown a single one she has done. All the dolls she has posted were done by another artist.

    • John Schmid
      John Schmid says:

      Thanks for the heads-up, Inez. I see that the listing has been cancelled. Those are definitely our pictures. Some of those dolls are one-of-a-kind, so I don’t see what bee-joyful would hope to gain by displaying them. I doubt very much that she could replicate the quality, and I am certain she couldn’t do it in the five days she promises. The Serenity babies (pictured in the montage) involve a process that takes weeks. I’ll keep an eye open to be sure she doesn’t do this again.

      Thanks again,


        • John Schmid
          John Schmid says:

          No, Lourdes, a therapy baby is a little different. Many of those functions are unnecessary and may even be counterproductive.

      • LJ Cassity
        LJ Cassity says:

        John, I want to tell you about my mother. She had alzheimer’s for the last 2 years and passed away due to multiple strokes last week. I have been reading about doll therapy and felt mom would have been a candidate to try it because of her love for children. She helped raise all her grandchildren and great grandchildren till she was 92. While caring for her I also cared for my 8 month old granddaughter and watched mom come back a little when she was here. Mom’s last day she was unresponsive until I sat my grand daughter on her bed. That was the last time she smiled. I would like to help with this new doll therapy but don’t know how to go about it. Is there an organization I could support that could educate people about this. I would love to help.

        • Holly Schmid
          Holly Schmid says:

          Thank you for your comment. Doll therapy is something that can provide joy and comfort to someone with dementia. There is no organization that we know of that educates others about this important therapy. Our website has a wide reach, but word of mouth is always the best way to spread information. If you have the time, I would like to suggest that you get yourself a realistic looking doll, one that has a soft body, and take it into some memory care facilities. You will see the effect that the doll has, not only on the residents, but the staff. When people see the response that they get, they will be believers. A doll is a personal item. We have many facilities that purchase dolls to be used by all the residents, however, many residents get attached to a doll and it’s best if they have their own. Family members should be encouraged to make the purchase for their loved one. It would be wonderful if you could help educate others about this gratifying experience.

          All the best,


  5. cindy Harshaw
    cindy Harshaw says:

    My husband has Alzheimer stage 6 and he has always love kids. My nephew just had a little girl and he was attach to her like glue. That when it dawn on me I saw women in nursing home carrying dolls why not a man and he lives with me at home. He is black with Indian and white. He has dark skin and curly hair tight curls and brown eyes and I am white with dark brown wavy hair and brown eyes of Portugese and Indian and German . How much would this cost.

    • Holly Schmid
      Holly Schmid says:

      Hi Cindy, Thank you for your comments. We have a couple of dolls that you might like for your husband. Please click on the “shop” button and go to Alternative Therapy. Let us know if you need further help.

      All the best,


  6. PennyCarroll
    PennyCarroll says:

    I wish to order a doll for my sister who has Alzheimer’s . They look very real They had to take her cat away, I thought perhaps this could replace it in some small, or large way. She is living in a special care center for Alzheimer’s patients only. I would be thrilled if this could help her.

    • Kathy Wing
      Kathy Wing says:

      I am interested in purchasing a live like doll for my mother, who had 7 children, I think it may be a good way to reconnect with her. Have you had any success with your web Store? I am happy to see it because, at this stage of the disease it is difficult to find enrichment. The only thing that seems to soother her (sundowners) is her old picture albums. I was also thinking of, instead of a dog, to bring a baby doll to the nursing home with me and let the other patients enjoy her. Have you done this before? Please send cost and delivery dates to me. Thank you, Kathy

      • John Schmid
        John Schmid says:

        Hi Kathy – A funny story: I recently had a phone conversation with a woman whose elderly mother was convinced that she was pregnant. With quadruplets! It was all her mom could talk about. She thought that mom might benefit from a doll, and she was right. I thought for a minute that I might sell her four, but she thought one doll was enough.

        Dolls do help people who have dementia to connect. First it allows them to reconnect with themselves, in part by waking up those nurturing instincts that are innate in all of us. It will then help them connect with others. Very often a person with dementia, when taking a doll “under their wing”, will become more social and communicative. The reasons for this are many varied, depending on the individual. It might be from a desire to share; it might be from re-awakened memories. The reason(s) is not important. The effect is…

        Dolls are not the best therapy for everyone with Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, but for many it is the very best. The Serenity Babies are special, and quite expensive (starting at $700 without hair, $800 with hair).If you are considering one of these I recommend that you see first how your mother reacts and responds to a doll. Find one that you can borrow that is not too much smaller than a real baby. Don’t hand it to her, but hold it yourself and see if she is interested. Give it to her if she asks, and watch. A few minutes of this should be enough to tell you if a doll is for her.

        Please call (877/300.3021) if you decide to order, as these dolls are made to order and you can specify hair and eye color and other features. Because they are custom made they can take up to six weeks for delivery. Then you will have a family heirloom that will be cherished for generations.

        We do have a line of less expensive therapy dolls that are very nice. You can see all of our dolls at our store at

      • Becky Roorda
        Becky Roorda says:

        I would strongly encourage you to try a doll for your mother. My mom, who has Alzheimer’s, has had a weighted, fairly realistic doll for about 1 1/2 years and it has been a wonderful thing from the first day we brought it to her. It keeps her company and gives her something to take care of. It gives us something to talk about when I visit. She loves to hold it and cuddle it.

        One thing I didn’t realize at first, at least with my Mom, is you need a pretty sturdy doll. My mother fiddles with the doll and the doll’s clothing quite a bit so anything attached needs to be well attached. The doll no longer has eyelashes, and any little bows and buttons on the doll’s clothing have been pulled off, not because Mom doesn’t like them but simply because they were there to fiddle with. She has actually managed to pull off the doll’s legs (easily reattached). I understand this type of busy fingers activity is not unusual. She also tries to feed the doll pudding or juice from her own snack occasionally so I recommend something easily cleanable.

        Hope this helps.

        • John Schmid
          John Schmid says:

          This does help, Becky. Feedback and suggestions that are based on firsthand experience is always helpful. Thank you.


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