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Can Maple Syrup Cure Alzheimer’s?

The announcement was made at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society. As usual, more study is needed, but researchers are hopeful that the bioactive compounds available in maple syrup may prevent proteins in the brain from becoming entangled in a process called fibrillation. It is this fibrillation that creates the amyloid plaques that are a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. If Maple syrup can prevent Alzheimer’s disesae… well that is certainly good news!


We May Be Able to Find Memories Lost to Alzheimer’s

In a study led by neuroscientist Susumu Tonegawa,  mice were put into a cage and given a mild electric shock to their feet. When they were returned to that cage it was obvious that the mice all remembered the shock. Then  Alzheimer’s symptoms were experimentally  induced in half of the mice. This group of mice seemed to forget about the shocking.

Using a procedure called optogenetics the Alzheimer’s mice were able to reconnect with the lost memory, and became anxious once again when returned to the cage from which they had received the electric shock.

North African Meatballs

From The New York Times DAVID TANIS       Time1 hour 15 minutes     Makes about 36 meatballs These North African Meatballs are classified as a Mediterranean diet entree. The Mediterranean Diet has long been thought to protect against Alzheimer’s. If something guards the brain against damage from disease, there is a good chance that it will […]


Multisensory Stimulation for Alzheimer’s

The picture above is of a multi-sensory or enriched environment. More specifically the pictures is of a Snoezelen room. Snoezelen is a concept created by two Dutch therapists who were in the early 1970s working with people (mostly children) who had developmental disabilities. Snoezelen is a good example of  multisensory stimulation for Alzheimer’s disease or any dementia. The […]


Cure Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia does  not affect only the United States or Western nations. It is not a problem exclusively of wealthy or of developing nations. It does not target only one race. Dementia affects everyone. Everywhere. It is in everyone’s interest to cure Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia causing diseases.   Alzheimer’s Disease International published some pretty scary […]


Leaky blood brain barrier may be responsible for Alzheimer’s disease

Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging, researchers in the Netherlands have found what they believe to be a connection between a leaky blood brain barrier (BBB) and Alzheimer’s disease.  According to their report published in the journal Radiology a team of investigators led by Harm J. van de Haar saw a significantly higher rate of leakage in the BBB in […]