Thank you for your website. It made it easy to find something for me to send to my mother, for my dad. It made her feel included and important to be able to be the delivery person, and it was very nice to be able to tell her when the items would arrive…. Thanks so much for the dignity with which you conduct your business. A little goes a long way!
~Susan, from Texas

The Best Alzheimer’s Products website began as an informational resource. The Alzheimer’s Store came later. You should think of this also as a Dementia Store since the products are good for persons who have any dementia.

Alzheimer's Store | The Box of Balls is a stimulating toy for people with Alzheimer's

Bernice with her Box of Balls

Our first thought when we realized that we had a large amount of helpful information, information that we had gathered to help care for our dear friend Bernice, was to build a website to share that information. (You can read more about that story here.) Once that was finished…. Well, that’s never finished; allow me to start again. Once we had a good start on the website, we began a search for games, puzzles, alarms, and other products that all of our research indicated would  benefit Bernice and others with Alzheimer’s disease.

That was not as easy as we thought it would be!

Our Alzheimer’s Store

We already had found quite a few very nice things for Bernice; she called them her “adult toys”. Even ten years ago it was not easy to find games and toys that were both age- and stage-appropriate for her. We managed, by searching relentlessly and changing game rules, to supply her with enough to keep her occupied and happy (for the most part). Now there are more things that have been designed specifically for people with dementia, but finding them is still a time consuming venture.

“Your type of products are what my husband and I needed to help us pass the day. In spite of Alzheimer’s, once again in our 46 years of being together, we are having fun with each other!!!” ~ Emilia

Many of the activities in our Alzheimer’s store can be enjoyed by anyone; many were designed for children but work very well for adults with cognitive disorders. There are games created for adults that are easy to play or for which you can create new rules. By this time Bernice lived in a residential care community, so we were not involved in her minute to minute care. We were thus afforded the time to look for things that she would enjoy; books, activities, trinkets. But we began to think that someone caring for a loved one at home probably doesn’t have the luxury of spare of time. Even the staff at a care community has limited time beyond their daily duties. So we decided to share the fun things we found, and we opened our Alzheimer’s Store.

We hope that you will find the store user-friendly, and we are available during typical (usually extended) business hours by phone should you have questions. (Please leave a message if you get a recording!) You can be confident that, when you order, your personal and financial information is safe, that we will ship your purchases in a timely manner, and we will stand behind the products we sell.

The products in our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Store are selected first for the benefit that they have for people with dementia. The quality of manufacture is our next consideration. We have rejected many products that do not meet our standard. If you ever have a question about anything we offer, please contact us, either by telephone (our toll-free number is at the top of every page), or by filling out a form. We do have some very inexpensive things, like our balls and some of the sensory stimulation toys that are fun and work well, but these aren’t going to last forever.


The research behind what we sell…

The choices we made to stock our Alzheimer’s store are all evidence based. Games and puzzles have proven to stimulate the interest of people who have dementia, and that stimulation improves memory and cognition, and mitigates the behavioral symptoms that are common to dementia. You can find a partial and growing list of references in our research bibliography. Bernice enjoyed many of the activities we found for her, as did her friends, so we were able to see first-hand how effective they are. Not all of the products we offer will be right for everyone. You know your loved one better than we do, his or her interests and preferences. You will be better able to make appropriate choices. Some of the things are better for men; others are better for women. It usually doesn’t matter. We’re here to help if you need us (877.300.3021).

Alzheimer's Store | An elderly woman enjoying a puzzle from Best Alzheimer's Products store

The colorful shapes and patterns makes this puzzle an enjoyable and stimulating activity for people with dementia.

The store is in a different location, virtually, than the website. A store requires different programming than a standard website, and so they’re separate, but our website is important to us. It’s a distillation of all of the research we did when learning to care for Bernice, the research that we continue to do.  Our website contains numerous links to our store. If you see something pictured or described anywhere on this site, click on it, and voila, there you are!

Links from the website to the store have been configured to open in a new window or tab, so the website is still there, in another window or tab.  We do link back from the store when it makes sense. On the Aromatherapy section of the store, for example, there is a link back to our website’s Aromatherapy page, in case you want to further research the topic. We will provide such links whenever they seem logical and helpful. At the bottom of every page on the store there is a group of links: About Us, Customer Service, Shipping Policy, etc. One of those links is “Alzheimer’s Information”. That link will take you to the home page of our content site. We also suggest that you bookmark our homepage to make it easy to get there anytime.

Enjoy shopping, and if you have some favorite things, a game or puzzle, for example, that you do not see, tell us about it. We’re always looking for new and exciting things and ideas! Please leave your comments and suggestions below.

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